Cointreau & Fashion Designer Alexis Mabille

How to create more word of mouth and create unique and unexpected experience around Cointreau?

SOLUTION : Renew the success of the pop up cocktail bar "Cointreau Privé" by inviting a new artistic director - one of the rising stars in French fashion, Alexis Mabille 

DESCRIPTION : Artistic director - PR - France
  • Pop-up bar Cointreau Privé designed by Alexis Mabille
  • Creation of a limited edition bottle by Alexis Mabille
  • Creation of a cocktail based on Alexis Mabille tastes, so-called "Cointreau Privé by Alexis Mabille"
  • Membership access only to Cointreau Privé
  • Dedicated website to register as a member to get access to Cointreau Privé
  • A unique musical programme set the scene during the 2 months of opening
  • Alexis Manille presence at events "Bow Tie Club" de Cointreau Privé
  • Cointreau x Alexis Mabille - Interview of Alexis Mabille

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