Remy Martin & Asian Pop star Jolin Tsai

How to promote Cognac and reach young target in Asia and throughout the world?

SOLUTION : Invite the pop-rock Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai to partner up with the premium brand Remy Martin and create limited editions in her name

DESCRIPTION : Celebrity endorsement - Communication 360° - Asia, Canada & Duty Free

  • 3 Limited Edition for the VSOP Remy Martin bottles
  • Dance contests broadcasted live on Internet
  • Press conference given by the Artist
  • Private showcase performed by the Artist
  • Press, print ads, advertorials and full digital campaign on both Jolin Tsai & Remy Martin's websites
  • 68610780
  • Centaur Dance
  • Remy Martin & Jolin Tsai - Presentation of Remy Dance
  • Remy Martin & Jolin Tsai- Remy Dance Contest

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