Remy Martin & Vincent Leroy

How to mix contemporary art with tradition?

SOLUTION: Team up with acclaimed kinetic artist Vincent Leroy to redesign the Remy Martin cognac bottles (VSOP, XO, 1738, Club) and create an artistic masterpiece

DESCRIPTION: Kinetic Masterpiece and limited edition Remy Martin bottles (VSOP, XO, 1738, Club)

  • Creation of a kinetic masterpiece by Vincent Leroy

  • Reinsertion of the masterpiece on the packaging

  • 3 short videos about the collaboration between Vincent Leroy and Remy Martin cognac
  • BTL communication including point of sale advertising, PR and interviews
  • Exhibition of the masterpiece during corporate hospitality events around the world
  • RemyMartin LimitedEditionbyVincentLeroy ENGL 3min 1

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