TEX & 4 athletes

How to create a fashion buzz around the olympic year?

SOLUTION: Show support to French sportmen and generate drive-to-store by putting together a "Dream Team" of 4 renowned athletes and letting them create their own clothing collection

DESCRIPTION: Capsule collection - 360° Communication - France
  • Creation of 4 capsule collections:
    - Camille Lacourt, swimmer: a casual/sportswear collection for a simple yet elegant style
    - Gilles Simon, tennisman: a city chic collection with slim fit, well-tailored and comfortable clothes
    - Automne Pavia, judoka: a sportswear collection, ideal for running, yoga and fitness
    - Floria Gueï, athlete: a feminine and vibrant casual collection with pop and joyful colours
  • Tv commercial to promote the partnership
  • Interviews of the athletes
  • Important PR coverage
  • Communication in store, on the internet, in magazines

  • Tex x 4 sportifs (Camille Lacourt, Gilles Simon, Automne Pavia & Floria Gueï)

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